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Bepster Degi
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About Me

I am bald, bearded and short. Do you really need to know more?

I’ve designed websites!

You could say I have some experience in designing websites through WordPress. I’m not a professional (or I am… that is up to you to decide) but my sister had asked for my help to design her personal portfolio website. I think it is pretty cool so check it out!

View her site!
I plan on writing a blog!

Writing personal blogs can be used as a form of stress relief apparently. I most probably won’t start anytime soon, but I do want to start one. I could have already started and the previous sentence might be redundant. Click the button below and see if it leads anywhere.

A Blog page... Maybe?
Do I write reviews?

Once upon a time, I used to write SUPER detailed reviews on films, games and TV shows. I might be planning on bringing this back, with cooler designs, better grammar (maybe…not) and more crying! (SPOILER: they aren’t actually super detailed or accurate for that matter)

Yayy! Reviews!