First of all, let me introduce myself (you know just in case you decided to jump into this blog before viewing the about me section). I am Beppe De Gabriele, a digital marketeer, and some other stuff (seriously its all in the about me section).

Why am I writing a Blog?

Apparently writing can used as a form of therapy and as a platform to vent out some of your feelings. I am a very emotional person so I have a ton of feelings that I could right about, but mainly I am going to be using this blog to write about anything and everything. I have not had the most eventful life ( I’m still 26 so there is still time!), but I have gone through some stuff which I do wan’t to talk about.

What can you expect from this Blog?

To be honest, it can vary quite drastically. I could write about a trip I went on, talk about a more serious topic like depression (that is definitely going to happen, so wait for it), or just write about something random. The possibilities are endless, but there is something you need to remember:


I struggle with writing in general. I make so many spelling and grammatical mistakes it is unbelievable, but that is not only what I mean when I say I am not an expert. Anything I write about is purely based on my own experiences. When writing about the deeper topics I am not giving advice (and if I do, take it with a pinch of salt, double check my advice with someone else…trust me). I would be writing about those topics as a form of therapy for myself and so that if there is anyone who is going through something similar maybe they would find some comfort that they aren’t alone.

How often will I release a new Blog post?

Bro, not even I know the answer to that question. I could release a post twice a month, every two months, once a year (it will never be that long), it all depends on the amount of time I have and if I have anything interesting to write about.

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