I’ve been gone for a long time, but I’m back and I’m going through a number of Pizzas to finally answer the biggest mystery in life : Who makes the best Pizza in Malta!

Now, a lot of people have questioned the authenticity of expertise. During my small Hiatus, I was actually studying under the tutelage of the Food Monks of Sukhothai. After eating countless portions of pickled herring they gave me this certificate of expertise to show all of my favourite readers.


First Pizza: Sotto Pizzeria

Sotto pizzeria pizza malta bepster degi food reviews

I’m starting off with a real powerhouse here, because Sotto Pizzeria has got some amazing pizzas!! I had tasted their Semplice Pizza (because I am simple) and their Carbonara Pizza (because I look like an egg) and I must say that I can’t stop dreaming about these amazing pieces of dough. Definitely one to try, but make sure to book in advance because tables are taken instantly!!!

Second Pizza: Margo’s Restaurant

Margos restaurant malta bepster degi food reviews pizza

Some say that Margo’s makes the best Pizza in Malta, is this true? What I can say is that I absolutely enjoyed eating the pizza that is in the photo above. To be honest the names of their pizzas are a bit confusing so I can’t remember it.

Third Pizza: Fratelli la Bufala

Fratelli la buffola malta bepster degi food reviews

Fratelli la Bufala is another strong contender for the title of “KING OF PIZZA”. They blew me away with their cornetto di bufala (search it) and they also managed to convert me into a capricciosa lover (not a fan of artichoke hearts). I definitely want to become one of the brother now. Get it? because of fratelli? (I’m hilarious)

So many Pizzas!!!

There are too many Pizzas in Malta to include in this list, and if I’m going to be honest, the main reason I chose those 3 restaurants is because I actually remembered to take a photo when I went there. A lot of Restaurants in Malta deserve to be on this list. NOW, without further ado, here is the winner.

And the Winner is:


Champs paceville pizza malta bepster degi food reviews

Let’s all admit it, this makes sense. How many times have you gone to paceville, had a pitcher from footloose/havana/nordic, partied like is 1565 and stopped at champs on your way home for a SQUARE (the other shapes are blasphemic) pizza? Everytime, that is how many. Granted, it doesn’t taste as good when you’re sober, but what does?
Well done champs!! Lift your trophy with pride.

Disclaimer: There is no trophy

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