Today I managed to pour myself a bowl of cereal without burning down the kitchen. As a result, I have now become an expert in anything food related.

Since I am now all knowing in culinary recipes and terms, I have decided that I should start a new series of reviews on food and restaurants.

Disclaimer: I am not actually an expert so take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

And it Begins


I wanted to start off this series with a review of a place that makes everyone’s favourite food : Pickled Herring Pie Burgers, and it is only right that that place has Burgers in its name. That place is Burgers.Ink.

Now a lot of reviewers would start off their reviews with a little backstory about the restaurant, it’s owner, or it’s name… I am too lazy to do any research so all I’ll say is that it is situated in Valletta and that I can try and guess that the name of the restaurant comes from the fact that they make burgers.

Now that my super well thought research is finished lets actually talk about the food. First impression: The burgers look bloody gorgeous, the smell is amazing, and they are not small, but, do they taste good?

Yes, Review over.

The chef that makes the burger definitely knows how to make a burger. Unfortunately, I have only had the pleasure of tasting their “Jack Daniels burger”, but my friend had Burgers.Ink’s “Halloumi Burger” and even though he remained silent (possibly paralyzed from the pleasure of eating his burger), his face seemed to agree that Burgers.Ink make good burgers.

I would like to be honest though, if having a simple, classic burger is your thing, Burgers.Ink might not be for you. All their burgers are filled with more than just bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese (or at least 85% of them), but if you are willing to take a plunge into something slightly more adventurous, then you should definitely give Burgers.Ink a try.

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