As most of you know, I am now an expert in the culinary arts and I have had an epiphany and came to the realisation that I am also an expert in a new field : WINE!

Yes, you read that correctly. Wine. That wonderful alcoholic juice that is made from pickled herring GRAPES!!

Disclaimer: I am not actually an expert so take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

Wine and Dine

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For your information: As you can see in the image above that is a hand of a woman, I am not a woman… I am a man, a bald man. Credits: mariacri97

Most people spend a rainy weekend indoors with a warm drink. I spent mine getting drunk on Mar Casar wine, learning how Mar Casar Winery make their wine (while drunk), eating chicken and potatoes (while drunk) and then olive picking (while drunk…and to be honest, I didn’t do any olive picking, I just watched cause I am lazy).

Disclaimer: I didn’t actually get drunk,  I didn’t drink that much.  PSA: DRINK RESPONSIBLY 

So lets start with the wine: in short “God Bless”. The longer version? “God Bless that was some good Red wine”. I’m not a fan of red wine but their Merlot was splendid. I could say more on this since I am an expert, but I am too lazy so we’re moving on.

Mar Cassar vineyard views bepsterdegi

What made the day amazing wasn’t just the wine though but the whole experience in itself. I didn’t just get drunk, I got drunk and learnt something (shocking I know). The owner .. Mark Cassar (who would have guessed?) gives you a tour of the fields and explains the whole process to you, and if you want to eat? He has got you covered!

Mar Cassar amazing good food

The bruschetta was splendid, The roast potatoes were divine, the chicken was seasoned perfectly, and the cannoli, ooooooooooooh the cannoli… were just ok.

I can make jokes too! The cannoli were simply amazing.

Do I have more to say on the food? No. Shut up.

The whole day was quite the experience, and I recommend it to anyone who would like a quick, fun excursion (that includes alcohol)!

If you would like to learn more about Mar Casar Wines please visit their website here:

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