OK, I’ve made it quite obvious that I fail a lot around this website, I mean a lot. When I say I fail it refers to more than just failing exams (it is mostly exams). It means I made a lot of mistakes, a lot of stupid choices … and failed a lot of exams. I’m going to use this post to talk about all this and my experience in dealing with my failure.

Failing sucks

Let’s face it, no one enjoys failing at anything. Be it exams, relationships, being a parent (I haven’t failed at that yet thankfully) or at times at being a good friend. People deal with failure in different ways, some people brush it off like it is nothing and some people take it hard, and I fall into the latter category (just cause I fail a lot does not mean I’m used to the feeling).

I’m so used to failing at exams that I preemptively start preparing for the failure before I even get any results (and I am currently doing that right now too!).¬†When ever I feel like I’ve screwed up at something badly you can tell straight away from my face or from my attitude because I get emotional and it sucks.

Deal with it

Do I regret my failure? YES.

Do I wish to change anything? NO!

Every mistake that I have made in the past has lead to where I am in my life now, which is pretty great in my opinion. Every failure has been a learning opportunity and I take each failure as a new strength. I have failed so many exams, but if I didn’t fail these exams I wouldn’t have found my passion in Marketing and I would have ended up working in a job I find extremely boring. Every fight, break-up, and horrible choice I have made has given me great lessons which I still use today (not academically of course).

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